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What Is Inclusion To Us?

Safe and healthy schools are the foundation for safe and healthy communities. We believe teachers and students should feel safe in their classrooms, this includes physically and emotionally.  Inclusion means all children and staff regardless of background and identity have a right to feel safe and nurtured in school.  Inclusion means that the curriculum encompasses all of our diversity without fear of punishment when discussing specific subjects or profiteering to special interest vendors.  We believe we need to be inclusive of all our history.  This includes an awareness of who writes our history and the objectivity of the instruction.  We believe all students should have access to literature.  We believe children should be taught how to be critical thinkers that understand how to effectively process and consume information, not banned from access to information. We believe our teachers should be provided the same constitutional rights of free speech and should not feel censored.  We believe inclusive decision making means elected officials closest to the people should make policy decisions. Inclusion means parents should feel their children are being protected and cared for when in school.  Inclusion means families should entrust the professionals to understand effective educational approaches and curriculum expectations.

What Are We Against?

We believe the current direction of public education is harmful to our communities, families, and most importantly our children.  The decades of neglect and constant budget cuts have put our state's economy, workforce, and quality of life in jeopardy.  Destroying public education is not Public Education Policy.

What Are We Going To Do About It?

We believe we must support candidates and policy that strengthen our public education system.  We are going to identify school board and superintendent candidates that will ensure that public education has a future within our state.  We want leaders who will fight for our families, teachers, and children.  We do not want the corporate interests that are fixated on making money off our children to be making decisions about the future of public education.  We do not support taking away choice, rights, and protections for our children, teachers, and community. 

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